Yeast Infection Causes

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Yeast infections are caused by Candida yeasts, which are found in most people. Under normal circumstances, the yeast is kept under control by other microorganisms that are also found in humans and by the body's immune system. Given a chance, the fungus will thrive in its ideal environment. Candida fungus thrive in warm, dark and moist places such as the genitals, mouth and skin folds. As stated earlier, Candida yeasts are found in healthy individuals. In a recent study, a certain type of Candida was found in the vaginas of approximately 20% healthy women. These women showed and experienced very few, if any, symptoms.

Symptoms can become noticeable if there is an imbalance of the yeast infection causing bacteria and the body's microorganisms. When the imbalance favors the Candida yeasts, the yeast rapidly multiplies and grows in size. Causes of various types of yeast infections have been linked to certain conditions.

Causes of a vaginal yeast infection

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