Male Yeast Infection

Male yeast infections are not as common as those in women. Women are typically more susceptible to an infection, because of hormonal changes during pregnancy or mensturation, by using detergents and products such as douches and also because of the difference in genitals. Nonetheless, males can experience a yeast infection and are at risk especially when their partner has been infected. Some of the causes of male yeast infection are shared between the male and female sexes, such as: antibiotic use, use of steroids, diet and a weakened immune system. Certain foods produce excessive acidity in the intestine, kill 'good' bacteria and thereby weaken the body's immune system.

Some of the symptoms of a yeast infection in men are:

There are a number of treatments options, ranging from simple home remedies meant for minor cases of a yeast infection, to tested and proven all natural yeast infection treatment products.